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LG Is Working On A Smartwatch With Camera


A report from LetsGoDigital  says tech giant, LG is developing a smartwatch which features a camera on it. LG filed the patent with USTPO (United States Trademark and Patent Office). Details shows the smartphone coming with sporting a camera as well as the method for controlling it. The patent also shows a couple of designs on how the company intends to integrate a camera module into a smartwatch.

The concept of a smartwatch with a camera is not new since Samsung already made one. Samsung’s first Gear smartwatch was launched sporting a camera and ever since then, the company  didn’t put any in the future smartwatches. LG smartwatch camera concept, will provide an option to users on how conveniently adjusting the angle of the camera relative to the user’s body, without having to turn the watch wrist in an awkward position to get the shot.

The patent shows several diagrams of how this might work, with the watch having an adjustable wrist band so you could easily angle the camera. The device will feature a metal link version of the watch band where one of the links has an integrated camera, and even a camera with a spring clip you can place anywhere along the watch band. According to LG patent outlines, the watch can be used to take pictures of your food to track your caloric intake, being able to scan QR codes or barcodes of items while you’re at the store.


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