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Motorola RAZR To Make A Return As a $1500 Foldable Phone

Motorola RAZR

Back in 2004, Motorola released one of its best selling smartphone called the Motorola RAZR. The phone was very famous back then due to its slick and thin design. Years after the phone made its debut, rumour has it that Lenovo is planning a relaunch of the device. According to the leak, the Motorola RAZR this time, will be coming as a foldable phone.

The new foldable RAZR phone, is expected to be launched sometime this year and will be exclusive to Verizon. Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing has formally hinted at the possibility of bringing back the RAZR brand last February. Earlier in 2011, the company tried to relaunch the RAZR phone as part of it’s DROID series, but failed.

The phone sold over 130 million units, making Motorola as one of the biggest phone manufacturers then. The new Motorola RAZR is expected to cost around $1500 which is pricey, but in line with other announced foldable phones


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