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Oppo Developing An In-screen Camera, Embedded In App Icon

Oppo, In-screen Camera

In-screen camera has become a new trend and my smartphone manufacturers have adopted it. The trend which started towards the end of 2018, can be seen on high-end phones such as these from Hauwei and Samsung. Chinese brand Oppo is among these adopted the trend and also taking things further. The in-screen camera, is a hidden or embedded selfie camera located inside the screen.

The company just patented a technology to put icons over the cutout instead of just hiding it. The tiny hole will be part of the icon interface, according to the filling of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). From what we are expecting, the camera can either be located in the upper left corner, or slightly towards the center. We can not officially confirm, but one thing for sure, is that Oppo is planning to put the camera app over it.

The ideal is to hide the camera using an app icon. Even we you swipe the screen, another icon will appear to cover the camera. Users will also be able to turn the whole feature off and on. A second listing reveals the camera icon overlaying the punch-hole can be swiped to the right and then the camera app will be turned off.

Since Apple introduced the notch display, we have seen charges to the way our smartphone screen and camera design looks. We hope to see more on the new Oppo in-screen camera.



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