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DStv Explora 3: See All You Need To Know

DStv Explora 3

MultiChoice has launched a new version of its Explora decoder in a quiet event. The new DStv Explora 3 is designed to replace the Explora 2 that was launched back in September 2016. The DStv Explora – Model 3A – actually went on sale back in November of 2018.


The new Explora decoder comes with 1TB Seagate hard drive, an A7 Remote with batteries, an HDMI cable, and a small smart card which is already installed in the decoder.

It features 110 hours of recording space, and does away with the front panel where the channel number would normally be displayed.

How To Install The DStv Explorer 3

According to MultiChoice, the Explora 3 will work with any of its smart LNB units, and recommended the LNB LMX 502 for new installations where households need one or two viewing environments. This LNB model is less expensive and requires less cabling.

The recommended installation for the Explora 3 is the same as DStv’s earlier Explora models, requiring a DStv Smart LNB and an 80cm dish.

NOTE: For complexes, shared dishes, XtraView configurations, or where the decoder is connected to multiple TVs, MultiChoice said that subscribers should get information and a quote from a DStv Accredited Installer.

DStv Explora 3 Design

DStv revealed that the Explora 3 designed mainly from recyclable components. The decoder was entirely manufactured in South Africa at a dedicated, environmentally-friendly factory in East London.

Where To Buy The New DStv Explora 3 In Nigeria?

The Explora 3 is available at all DStv Agencies, service centers, and participating retail stores – and is sold alongside the DStv HD 5 Series Decoder, which can be used in XtraView configurations.


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