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MTN Data Plans 2020, Price And Subscription Code In Nigeria

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Note: This post contains the latest updated MTN Data Plans 2020, Price And Subscription Code In Nigeria.

The internet has become our everyday life and subscribing to the best data plans, always comes to mind. This 2020, one telco company that offers customers a faster and reliable internet data bundle plans, is MTN Nigeria. The company offers customers varieties of data bundle plans for all devices like Androids, iPhone and PC.

Today’s article, we will be taking a looking at the full list of the MTN data plans, their prices and also, their subscription code. Other companies also offer amazing data plans and you can take a look at Airtel cheapest data plans to subscribe to if you are low on budget. Although, the connectivity of the services is fast but they are expensive when compared to Globacom. You can check out some Glo Cheap Data Plans And Subsricption Codes For May 2018.

Despite being expensive, MTN data plans are the most sought after due to its fast internet speed and reliability. Glo may be considered cheaper and affordable, but the downside of the network is that, it is very slow. Airtel and 9Mobile are great alternative but MTN has a wider coverage, making it one of the best in the country.

List Of MTN Data Plans 2020

MTN Nigeria offers different data bundle plans and price ranging from daily, weekly to monthly. The company also offers plans for social media like Facebook and Whatsapp which will be looked at some other day. Below are the list of MTN Data Plans 2018, Subscription Codes And Prices for your Android, PC and iOS device.

MTN Daily Data Plans

The company offers two daily plans which customers can subscribe to. These plans are suitable for subscribers who hardly spend time on the internet. If your internet usage is just checking whatsapp messages or your social media profile, then this plan is for you. See list below.

MTN 50MB Data Plan for N100:

The plan is valid for just 24 hours and you get 50MB data when you subscribe with just a N100. To enjoy this, simply dial *104# or you can send 104 to 131 via SMS on your mobile phone.

MTN 150MB Data Plan for N200:

This is also valid for 24 hours and subscribers gets 150MB worth of data for just N200. You can enjoy this offer when you dial *113# or send 113 to 131 via SMS.

MTN Weekly Plans

MTN weekly data plans are designed to last for 7 days. This plans for designed for emergency or light weight internet users. If your internet usage is not much, then this plans is for you.

MTN 150MB Data Plan for N300:

Valid for 7 days, the plan offers users 150MB worth of data for N300. To enjoy this, simply dial *102# on your mobile phone and hit send, or just SMS 102 to 131 from your phone.

MTN 500MB Data Plan+ 250MB (Bonus) for N500:

This plan offers customer 500MB worth of data plus additional 250MB bonus data offer for just N500. To enjoy this, just dial *102# or send via SMS 102 to 131.

MTN Monthly Data Plans

Valid for 30 days, these plans are designed for heavy internet users, that is, those that spend more time on the internet. The plan is suitable for bloggers, official uses and for downloading large files.

MTN 1GB + (500MB bonus data) Data Plan for N1,000:

This is the smallest of all, the plan monthly plans. Valid for 30 days, it offers users 1GB worth of data plus additional 500MB bonus. Note that the bonus data is usable only between 1am to 7am on daily. To enjoy this, just dial *106# or send 106 to 131 in an SMS text message to activate.

MTN 1.5GB Plan for N1,200:

With this plan, you get 1.5GB worth of internet data for N1,200 and the plan is valid for 30 days. Formally the plan uses to cost N1,500 but has been reduced by MTN. To enjoy this plan, dial *130# or text the code 130 to 131 via SMS to activate.

MTN 2.5GB + (1GB Bonus data) for N2,000: 

This data plan gives customers 2.5GB worth of internet data for N2000. The data plan also comes with an additional 1GB bonus data offer which can be use between the hours of 1am to 7am. To enjoy, simply dial *110# or send 110 to 131 from your smartphone.

MTN 5GB Data Plan for 3,500: 

With this plan, customers get to enjoy a massive 5GB worth of data for just N3,500. It is valid for 30days and suitable for download of large files and can be used on all devices. To subscribe for the data plans, simply dial *107# or text 107 to 131 via SMS to activate the plan.

MTN 10GB Data for N5,000: 

This plan is an MTN mega data plan which offers to customers a massive 10GB data for N5,000. This plan is very much suitable for companies, big blogger and video streaming as well as large file down-loaders. To subscribe to this data plan, you just need to dial *116# from your mobile phone, or text 116 to 131 via SMS to activate.

MTN 22GB Data for N10,000: 

This is another mega data plan suitable for large files and company use. It offers customers a massive 22GB worth of data for N10,000. To enjoy this plan, just dial *117# or send 117 to 131 to activate.

MTN 60/90 Days Quarterly Plans

MTN also has data plans that are valid for 60 days or 90 days, which the company calls Quarterly Plans. With 2 to 3 months of validity, I will recommend this data plan to business owners where internet is required for the job. With the plan, users can stream and download heavily without interruption, enjoy a better internet experience.

MTN 50GB for N20,000:

This is the first on the list and very suitable for companies with large numbers of works. Having this plan, is great for any business when you and your employees uses the internet often. For just N20,000, you get a massive 50GB worth of data to download and stream videos on the internet. This plan is valid for 60 Days. To enjoy this offer, simply dial *118# or text 118 to 131 to activate.

MTN 12. 85GB Data for N50,000: 

The other Quarterly data plan offered by MTN Nigeria is the 85GB data bundle plan that cost N50,000. The plan is valid of 90 days (3 months) and is also very suitable for heavy internet downloads. To subscribe for this data plan, just dial *133# or simply text 133 to 131 to activate.


MTN also offers customers a night data plan on its MTN Pulse tariff plan. I have personal used the plan, and has find it to be very useful. The plan gives users 500MB worth of internet data to stream and download between the hours of 12am – 4am. But before you can enjoy this, you have to migrate to MTN Pulse by dialing this USSD code *406#.


To enjoy this offer, make sure you have a minimum airtime balance of N25 on your MTN SIm card. Then to activate, simply text “NIGHT” to 131 and MTN will credit your line with 500MB data.

Listed above, are some of the MTN Data Plans, Price And Subscription Code the company offers to customers this 2018. If the post was help, please share with your friends and for any questions and suggestion on this post, please use the comment box below.

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