All 9mobile Evening And Weekend Plan 2019

9mobile Data Plan

Some time ago on this blog, I dropped the complete list of 9mobile Data Plan and subscribe. Today, we shall be looking at all the 9mobile Evening And Weekend Data Plan, and how you can also subscribe. The post contains all the evening, night and also weekend plan available on the 9mobile network. We shall also be looking at the volume of data allocated and the validity periods.

What are 9mobile Evening And Weekend Data Plan?

These are the data plans usable during the evening, night and on weekends. They can be used on any device including Android, iOS (phones and tablets) and on PC and laptops. They come in different prices, volume and validity periods.

Complete List Of 9mobile Evening And Weekend Data Plan And Subscription Codes

Below are the complete list of data plans available on 9mobile, that can be used during the evening or night time. While some are usable only during the night, others can also be used on weekends. They can be used on all devices so feel free to subscribe and enjoy.

9mobile 1GB for N500 Weekend Plan

This plan is available and usable from Friday 11:59pm- Sunday 11:59pm. It offers subscribers a data volume of 1GB for just N500. To subscribe to the plan, simply dial *5995*2# on your mobile phone.

9mobile 1GB For N200 Night Plan

This plan can be used from the hours 12am – 5am and its available just for 24 hours (1 day).  You can subscribe to the offer by dialing *229*3*11#.

9mobile 2GB for N1000 Evening And Weekend Plan

This plan can be used in the evening from 7pm – 7am the next day. It can also be used during the weekends, i.e, from 12am Friday – 12am Sunday. To activate the offer, simply dial *229*3*12#.

9mobile 5GB for N2000 Evening And Weekend Plan

To activate this offer, you need to dial *229*3*13# and you get 5GB worth of data for N2000. Also, you will be gifted 100MB data for WhatsApp usable for (24/7). The plan is valid for 30days and accessible during the evening and weekend.


These are the all the Evening, Night And Weekend Data Plan available on the 9mobile network. They can be used on any device. You can see more details by visiting the 9mobile official website. If you have any questions, please use the comment box below.


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