MTN mPulse Free Browsing Cheat On Stark VPN March 2019


Introducing the latest Stark VPN MTN mPulse Free Browsing Cheat. For some time now, we have been having problems with the Http Injector, Spark VPN and KPN cheat. Thanks to some gurus in the house, we are able to salvage the situation with the introduction of latest Tweakware browsing tricks and now Stark VPN.

This version of the Stark VPN free browsing, requires you subscribing to the mPulse data plan. See how to subscribe below. The cheat is great because it will power all your apps on your phone.


  • A working MTN SIM card
  • Your Android phone
  • An mPulse data plan
  • Stark VPN app

Where To Download The Latest Stark VPN App

Stark VPN is a free tunnel app and can be downloaded via this HERE. This app allows users to bypass restricted firewall, so you can access some block website for free.

How To Migrate To MTN mPulse Data Plan

To be able to use this new browsing cheat on your phone, you need to be on the MTN mPulse data plan. To do this, simply visit HERE and follow the process to migrate.

Stark VPN MTN mPulse Free Browsing Cheat Settings

For the settings to work on your mobile phone, just follow the steps and configure the app as below.

  • Download and launchย the app from the link above
  • Then go to “Tweak” and select “Custom
  • Click the “CUSTOM” bottoms with red background

  • Then set Select Connection Mode to “HTTP
  • Server Port input “8080
  • For Host Header, input “
  • On the Select Header Line Type option, select “Multiline

  • Skip Reverse Proxy and
  • Go to Proxy Host and input “
  • Go down to Proxy Port and then input “8080

After that, go back and click on the Connect Button, minimize the app and show the magic happen. The cheat will power all your apps on your phone. So please share, comment and enjoy.

  1. Dave says

    It have stopped working now

    1. Larry says

      Yes and we are working on alternatives. I will update you guys soon. So please keep checking the Homepage for the latest update. Also subscribe to this blog, via using your email address.

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  3. Dave says

    Is this new update? Pls let me know. Thanks

    1. Larry says

      Yes, it is

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