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How To Subscribe Airtel 2GB for N500 Data Plan


Airtel Nigeria has introduced a new data plan specifically designed for downloading. Known as the Airtel Binge, the plan offers subscribers 2GB data for just N500. While this may be nice, the only drawback, it that the plan is only valid for 24 Hours. The plan offers users a chance to download files up to 2GB worth of data at just N500.

Subscribing to the Airtel Binge, you get to browse and download on your Android, iPhone, PC and any other internet enabled devices. It is usable during the day and night, but has a validity period of just 24 Hours.┬áThis is one of the company’s cheapest data offer for the 2019. If you could remember, the company also launched a 1GB for N350 Airtel data plan.

How to Subscribe Airtel Binge 2GB for N500 Data Plan

Activating the Airtel Binge 2GB for N500, data plan is very simple. All you need to do, is recharge your mobile line with a N500 recharge card, and dial *141*504#. You will be credited with the said volume of data and you can enjoy a 24 Hour browsing for just N500.

Note: The validity period for the data plan, is just 24hours (1 day).


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