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ANDROID R (ANDROID 11) Already Being Developed By Google


We all know how Google works to keep all its service updates and the Android OS is no exception. It is one of Google’s proud and the company every year, comes with a new version. This new version brings new and more improve features to the platform.

Recently, Google introduced the Android Q (Android 10.0) which is currently in development stage. The company rolled out two beta systems for its Pixel devices. While the Android Q is still in its beta stage, report says the company is already developing its next OS version called Android R (Android 11).

While the name might not be official, it is believed, that the upcoming version will be Android R since the last two versions ā€œPā€ and ā€œQā€ follows the same sequence.

The Android Global Developer Summit will be held at the Google Event Center (MP7) in Sunnyvale, California from October 23rd to 24th. More details about the upcoming Android R (Android 11) is expected to be discussed.

The Android Q, comes with improvements in power saving, gesture operation, notification management, access control and security. We hope to see even more improvement when the Android R (Android 11) is finally released.



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