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4 Free Push Notification Services For Website 2019 {OneSignal Alternative}

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For some time now, OneSignal push notification services have been a bad experience for a lot of WordPress users. The platform which has over 30,000 users, no -longer works well for those on the free service. This started after an update was pushed to users causing a conflict with the Yoast SEO plugin. Except you are on the paid version, using the OneSignal push notification means you would be able to use Yoast SEO plugin effectively.

With this issue, many have been looking for an alternative to the once famous push notification services among WordPress users. If you are among those looking for an alternative, today I will be sharing a few. We have a list of 4 free push notification services to use on your websites as a OneSignal alternative. Before we begin, let take a look at what a web push notification is.

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What Is Web Push Notifications?

A web push notifications are services that allow website owners send updates to subscribers. You can also use the service to gather more new subscribers to your website. It works be adding a subscription box to the browser of a user and clicked on, send notification of new or updated posts. It is a great way of increasing your website traffic, as well as increasing sales. What makes it so important is that, user can check these notifications even when they are not connected to the net. Web push notifications are also important due to its time-bound assistance and thus making it time effective. If properly setup, web push notifications can help to retain old and loyal customers as well as invite new customers.

Features Web Push Notifications

Comes with customized layouts
Ability to personalized notifications
The ease and freedom to manage notifications
Staying up to date with happenings all over the world

Benefits Of Using Web Push Notifications Service

  • Helps to increase sales
  • It creates a faster response time
  • Web push helps website owners to engaging new users and re-engaging already existing ones.
  • It is a great way to promote new product and post from your website which may either increase sales or website traffic.

While there are a lot of companies offering push notification as a service, our post will only be looking at 4. Below are the list of 4 free web push notification services which are a great alternative to OneSigna.


This is a great service as it offers both free and paid services to customers. The free service is great for blogs and small website users, while the paid service is great for e-commerce website. On the free platform, the service offers up to 2500 subscribers, but if you want more, you can go for any of the paid versions.


This is another amazing Web push notification service for website owners. The company also offers up to 2,500 subscribers for those on its free service. This is also great for small website owners and bloggers with low traffic.


This is another great free OneSignal Web push notification alternative. The service offers a free 2000 subscribers to users of its free service. It also provides you with a means of upgrade, if the free volume has been used up.


We are adding CleverPush to the list because it is the biggest push notification service located in Germany. Just like the others listed above, this service allows website owners can send push notifications to their subscribers even if they are not on the page. Its free plan offers up to 1,000 free subscribers.


These are some of the free push notification service, which are a great alternative OneSignal. While the offer free service, you can also check out the paid service to see if they are worth it. Just in case you know of any other, please kindly share with us using the common box below.


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