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How to Setup and Optimize a Google My Business Profile to Get Customers

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

No Business thrive without identity or portfolio, hence why most businesses create an avenue by providing a well informative and details about Who they are and What they do. Some business go as far as making sure they advertise to every length and corner of where they can reach and as far as going international. Businesses goes as far as making advertisement on TV, Radio, making of banner and flyers, hand cards among other forms of advertising but whichever way you choose to advertise your business, the sole purpose is to ensure you attract more customers which in turns amount to more sales and of cause more profit. In Managing a business, it requires a dedicated and a structural strategy to attain both short and long term goals. Recent Research shows that many business Collapse After 2 years which apply to Nigeria and even other countries, if you must know not so many people are aware of a platform introduced by Google as the biggest search engines in the entire universe with millions of Search queries everyday and so many people likewise doesn’t and effectively make use of this Google platform to promote their business, hence the need for you to check out how you can setup and optimize a Google My business profile to Get more Customers for your business either a brand, product or service you render.

Google internet-based service for business “Google My Business” is a free to use by business owners and was launched in the year 2014 purposely for business who need to air their business via Searches when they brand name or business name is been searched for, Google as a Whole has tremendously been an upper hand when the need arises so far you make your business presence online, Leave the rest Google will take charge of it hence you need to setup and optimize a GMB (Google My Business) Profile to Get more Customers for your brand, product or service you rendered. Setting up Google My Business is less costly but a sure and easy way to make people discover your business but in reality and online, Don’t be in a haste to Set up a Google My Business Profile but as much as I will be considerate not to be too broad, I will like to show you how to fully optimize a Google My Business Profile Account if you decide to Get one for yourself now or in the future.

In Nigeria today so many business have suffered a backlash due to the fact that most of them don’t not have adequate knowledge of how to promote their business, a simple idea can build a mighty empire of wealth but whoever doesn’t think beyond his or her boundaries begin to see sign of failures which eventually turn to reality, Even 1st tier and 2nd tier countries they face these backlash but not as much as a developing who still struggles under weak and non-industrial actions. In as much as some while love to tell you how he or she has struggles to where they are now business wise before attaining the position of a striving business they have achieved, it is not so easy because you will have to go extra miles sinking deeply to their inner mind and emotions before getting a glimpse on how they walk up through the ladder of success for their business.

No business which is deem fit to be called a business empire walk up it’s success by easily getting the strides for perfection, some has fall and rise and some have fall, rise fall and rise over and over again but tends to pick courage from their own inner instinct or through some familiar faces. No little wonder Patrick David indirectly say ” A successful business man can easily leak out how he was able to achieve what he attain but deep down is to let your blurry mind listen to get his greatest idea”

An onlinepreneur wrote, there are many challenges you face in business if you fret which are

  • When frustration sets in
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Fear
  • Failure
  • No Planning
  • Being Pessimist

These challenges will wear you down and tends to make you loose focus, Trump once says he faces challenges to attain the level of Wealth security he has build for himself even before becoming an American president, I am putting it to you that why Not You? Are you the first to Face challenges of failing, fear or even fustrated in your business, there are many way to get that Business Working again that why you need to Setup and Fully optimize a Google My Business Profile to Get more Customers.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are several ways in promoting your Business of which one is to hire an SEO expert, this practice by companies have prove effective but I must warn you, it doesn’t comes in handy, How about Getting a whopping $20,000 Monthly for SEO Expert services out of the company’s Budget, huge decision right? Although some giant business enterprises can afford to take the mantle and go ahead to hire an SEO Expert but this doesn’t applied to everyone, even if they have to Google through that struggles just to make up with one, An hired SEO Expert doesn’t mean a successful business, if a business begin to thrive today it’s because they have succeeded in reaching out to the right audience using a Right channel to do so, Make haste while the sun shine, Setup a Google My Business Profile with full optimization and begin to command Traffic and Sales by getting More Customers

You must stand and make a choice, will hiring SEO Expert be your standpoint to successful business? No in no commanding tune you can prove to me than hiring an SEO Expert can last forever, there are other measures you must take of which will tends to make what you ever wished for come to accomplishment, Google is one of it, we can keep mentioning them on and on as they are called marketing strategies. Let me talk you through what Google My Business do.

About Google My Business Profile

Easily to setup Google My Business Profile which helps you to take more of a task of describing all about your business, when people search your business name, Google display lots of information you have fed it with in the past hence making it more easy for people to get in contact with you preferably becoming a customers when you give excellent services or a good exchange for their money.

How about always describing your Physical office to so many people who would like to get in touch with you but each time they do, you will have to keep expressing yourself verbally like Turn right when you get to kensas city behind a post office off Littleton road, Oh You wouldn’t want that hence the need to make an online presence of your business by creating a Google My Business Profile where everyone who seems to search for your business get exactly what they want and also through the help of Google maps.

Checkout how I was able to find a Business entrepreneur who engages in designing Websites in Albany, the search “web designer in Albany, new York” have had the influence by providing a online presence and thereby providing a physical contact and phone number with website link and direction, that is a fully optimize Google My business profile.

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

It displays relevant information about your business, Your customers can share their thoughts of what they have experience in terms of a customer-to-owner relationship and also leaves positive comments and reviews to your Google My business profile including areas where there is need for improvement.

Google My business (GBM) works in two ways if you are to be listed on Google search results.

(i) Free Plan: This is a situation where you get listed by Google on the internet or simply known as search result and it will be of a more advantage to you if you are without competition in that Location which makes you always appear on that search result if your business is searched for.

(ii) Paid Plan: if your location has so many competitors who are listed on Google but you can rise above others with a paid plan which springs up your Google My business profile Among the top 3 which will be listed by Google on the first Page hence giving you the edge above others.

This is a two way traffic which is free, You can appear on search engine solely if you have no competitors in your location after fully optimizing a business account or Go up with a ladder and appear in search result with just a Gift for Google if there are lots of competitors in your location.

How to Setup and Optimize Google My Business Profile

Below is a thorough guides on how to effectively setup an Google business account that is well optimized to get more Customers.

1. Sign up For an Account: Here you are to click the Link and it will take you to the homepage, tap or click or sign in and it will prompt another page for sign up option or simply click on start now from the upper right and corner which works along with a Google account.

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

2. Enter a business Name: Every business has a name, enter your brand, product or service name and click on Next

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

3. Add Location: Here you provide your physical place where people get to reach you in person and talk about a prospective business and offers, enter yes and another page will display for you to enter an address and click on Next

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

4.  Locate Address on Map: Here you are to map out the exact location on the map before you proceed.

5. Offers outside Location: Your Business reach to others internationally which means you deliver outside the selected country, then you can select “Yes” to let your customers know.

6. Select your preference in category: Based on your line of business you are required to select the category that best described your business.

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

7. Phone number/Website: You are requested to enter a phone number where your customers can reach you and also your business website where people can go and read more about your business.

How to Setup and Optimize a Google business account

You are done, if you want to take your business to the next level, consider having an optimize Google my business profile by creating an account today.


No business thrive without proper strategy and orientation, You map out ways by setting the ball rolling in your court, Every business fails at some stage but a Striding business will overcome in a Nick of time, Google My Business (GBM) might just be that extra edge to takes your business to a greater heights, Setup one Today..

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