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Huawei Requesting Developers To Publish Apps On Its App Store

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Huawei has been working on its own OS called Oak OS which is expected to be launched in September this year. The world’s second largest smartphone maker was focused into developing its own OS, after the Trump lead administrator banned US-based companies from doing business with the tech giant. Huawei has depended on Google’s Android operating system to power its smartphones. With the ban in place, this means the company will have to come up with a new solution, since it will no longer be having access to the Play Store for apps.

With the Oak OS soon to launch, report says Huawei now requesting developers to publish apps on its app store. The idea is to ensure that its devices have access to a flourishing app ecosystem. The company has reportedly reached out to developers of popular Play Store applications to get them to publish their apps on EMUI‘s pre-installed AppGallery app store.

This information was made known by an XDA-Developers, who shared an email sent to him by Huawei. The email invites developers to join AppGallery which is claimed to have “270 million monthly active users” on over “350m phones,” about half of which are sold outside of China.

The email promises that developers will be provided with “full support” to help them publish their app on AppGallery. However, the company has clarified exactly what kind of support will be provided to developers.

As per the reports, the Chinese company has been pitching app makers from last year to build software for a new Huawei app store outside China. The company had even talked with European wireless carriers about spreading this new app store even further.


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