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Meet Kyocera VP-210, The World’s First Camera Phone

Kyocera VP-210 Visual phone

Smartphones have become our everyday life and we now device sporting dual, triple and ever up to 9 cameras on a single phone. Back in the days, all we have, was a single rear camera phone with either 2MP or 3MP rear shooter. Today, the story is different thanks to the ever changing tech world. Have you ever wonder who made the first camera phone, if you have, then this post will be providing you with the answer.

According to Wikipedia, Samsung was the first company to unveil a phone with a camera feature, when it introduced the SCH-V200 in the year 2000. The article revealed that the phone weights 74g, and its dimensions are 127 × 39 × 17 mm. During that same year, and a few months later, Sharp unveiled the J-SH04, which became Japan’s first ever phone with a built-in camera. While this was according to Wikipedia, the first camera phone was neither released by Sharp or Samsung.

The first truly camera phone was actually announced by a different Japanese manufacturer, called Kyocera. The company unveiled the VP-210 Visual Phone, the world’s first true camera phone in 1999 in Japan. What makes the device so special, was that the camera was a front facing camera which was cool at that time. The Kyocera VP-210 came with a 2-inch color TFT display, with a 110,000-pixel (0.11MP) camera. The phone was very expensive at that time cause it came with a price tag of $335.

When you compare the timestamp of the three devices, you will see that the Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone is the world’s first camera phone. Although we now have smartphone with huge mega-pixels, the Kyocera VP-210 was a masterpiece at the time.


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