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Glo Amebo 5x Bonus, Details And How To Activate

Glo Amebo 5x Bonus

Aside being known as the grand master of data in Nigeria, Glo have always been a major player in the Nigeria telecom industry. The company recently unveiled a new mouth watering offer, which it termed “Glo Amebo”. The offer is designed to give more talk time to customers. With this, the company will not only be known as the grand of data, but also the grand master of airtime.

What the Glo Amebo offer, is 5x the value on every recharge of N100 and above. This simply means, when you recharge a N100 airtime on your phone, you get a bonus of N500. Another amazing benefit of the offer, is that the validity is set between 14 – 30 days. With this, you don’t need to recharge your line all the time.

The offer is amazing for business owners, who are always on the phone talking. With this new and improve offer from Glo, you get the chance to take your business to the next level. While this may be a great offer, it is also necessary to keep in mind that Glo network is very poor in some part of the country. This is more common in the data and internet section of the company.

How To Activate Glo Amebo 5x Offer

If you are the type that loves calling and talking, then this offer is for you. Activating Glo Amebo 5x offer is very easy, all you have to do, is dial 555*RechargePIN#.

NOTE: The offer is open to both new and existing Glo customers. Also the offer can be enjoyed on any Glo prepaid plan so long as customer recharges with special code *555*rechargePIN# for physical recharges.

Glo Amebo 5x Offer

S/N Recharge Amount Main Account (N) 5X Bonus account (N) Bonus Validity (Days)
1 100 0 500 14 Days
2 200 0 1,000 14 Days
3 500 0 2,500 30 Days
4 1,000 0 5,000 30 Days


As you can see from above, a N100 (Naira) recharge gives you N500 and it is valid for 14 days. That of N200, gives you N1000 and it is also valid for 14 days. The N500 offer is valid for 30 days, and comes with additional bonus of N2,500. The N1000 gives you N5000 bonus, and also comes with a validity period of 30 days.

Glo Amebo 5x Offer Call Rate

Local calls to All Networks 60k/sec
Calls to 5 Int’l destinations 60k/sec
SMS to All local Networks N20/SMS
Data/Browsing N5/MB


Some Glo Amebo FAQs

  • What if I exhaust the airtime value in my 5X account?
    All your calls, SMS and data will be charged to your main account unless you recharge again via physical recharge using *555*recharge PIN# to get 5X
  • Can I receive the 5X value multiple times?
    YES, you will receive the bonus on every recharge you recharge by using *555*rechargePIN# with physical recharges
  • Can I accumulate my bonuses?
    YES, each new 5X recharge you make will increase the total airtime balance in your 5X account
  • Can I accumulate validity days?
    NO, validity days cannot be accumulated. However, your 5X account validity days will be extended each time you recharge, depending on the recharge value. For example:
     N100 recharge will increase your 5X account validity by 14 days
     N500 recharge will increase your 5X account validity by 30 days.
  • How can I enjoy this offer on e-topup?
    You will get the offer whenever you electronically recharge any of the followings amounts is topped up: N150, N250, N300, N400, N600, N700, N800, N900, N1200, N1500 and N4000. E-top up recharges other than the aforementioned will not get the bonus.
  • What if I electronically top up any other amount besides the 5X denominations?
    Only the specified denominations (N150, N250, N300, N400, N600, N700, N800, N900, N1200, N1500 and N4000) will get the offer. Any other denomination electronically topped up will not get the offer. Also, airtime received through EasyShare or Borrow me credit do not qualify for this offer.
  • Will I get e-topup bonus if I buy the offer viw e-topup?
    No. You will not get any additional e-topup benefit when you recharge through e-topup.
  • What if my 5X account validity days expire?
    All your calls, SMS and data will be charged to your main account and any unused balance in your 5X account will be forfeited.
  • Will I be notified when my bonus validity expires?
    YES, you will get an SMS notification at expiration of the validity days
  • Can I share my 5X airtime value with another Glo customer?
    NO, 5X value cannot be shared with or transferred to another Glo customer.

How do I check my 5X balance?

You can check your remaining 5x balance by dialing #555*5#.

See more on Glo Amebo HERE.



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