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Google’s Shoelace: A New Social Network To Tie People Together

Google Shoelace

Google is best known for its search engine and has been successful at that. The company has also been successful in other area like the Android OS and Adsense program too. One area the company has failed in many attempts, is on social media. This can be seen from the rise and fall of Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Google+. Despite its many failed attempts, the US based company is not giving up on developing a social media platform that will compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

According to a report, Google is launching a new social network known as Shoelace. The launching of Shoelace, will be Google’s fifth attempt to succeed in developing and managing a social media platform. The new social media platform, is designed to ‘tie people together.’ What this means, is that the platform helps to bring users with common interests together. Shoelace aimed to ‘Supercharge your social life’ with the ability to do things with others who share the same interests.

The users can organize and participate in the events and activities, called “Loops.” The hyperlocal app is somewhat similar to Facebook Events. It is a boon for those who have recently moved to a new city or looking to explore nearby people.

It is a product of Google’s workshop – Area 120, which aims to facilitate real-world connections.

Unlike other social networks, Google is launching it on a smaller scale. Shoelace is limited for testing in New York. The developers are planning for its launch in other cities, but there’s no information present right now.

The new network is open on an invite-only basis. It has even partnered with few communities from where you can get codes. Moreover, the users can fill this form to get the early access code. The Shoelace app is available both on the Android and iOS devices.


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