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US Government Wants Judge To Dismiss Lawsuit Filed By Huawei

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The war between Huawei and the US government is becoming a never ending story. It could be recalled that the Trump lead administration imposed sanctions on the Chinese tech giant, stopping it from doing business with US companies. In response, Huawei filed a suit back in March this year, claiming that a law preventing US federal agencies from buying its products violates the US constitution by singling out an individual or group for punishment without trial.

In a filing this week, lawyers for the US Department of Justice challenged that claim, saying that the law wasn’t unconstitutional punishment, but rather the “logical next step” to protect the country and ensure that China isn’t given “a strategic foothold” in the United States networks.

They further added that the American lawmakers and officials had been warning against Huawei’s potential use for Chinese “cyber-activity” for over a decade. They also said that the company was using outdated arguments from the Civil War and Cold War eras.

The lawyers also argued that the portion of the law in question “does not sentence Huawei to death, imprison it, or confiscate its property.” Moreover, they added that it “plainly does not preclude Huawei from engaging in its chosen profession.”

The company is concerned about the effect of the ban, saying that it could cost it $30 billion in lost sales over the next two years. Just a few days ago, the US government announced it will allow Huawei do business with US suppliers as long as it doesn’t threaten the United States national security. This announcement hasn’t stopped the Trump lead administration from fighting the company.

It would be recalled that president Trump through an executive order, imposed a ban on Huawei, stating national security but without providing any proof. In spite of the ban, the company has managed to keep its head above water, at least for the time being.

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