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Advanced Download Manager Pro v7.7.8 Apk for Android

Advanced Download Manager Pro

If you are looking for the best Android Downloader for your device, then Advanced Download Manager Pro (ADM) is the best choice. Here is the latest version 7.7.8 Apk for Android. Today we will be sharing with you the Pro version plus the + Mod for Android. The app allows users to enjoy an amazing speedy download from the internet. ADM works by accelerating downloads using multithreading (9 parts). You can download files in the background and also resume even after failure.

Advanced Download Manager Pro (ADM) is a Pro version and doesn’t contain ads. For this reason, ADM Pro does not support YouTube. It works through the internet on Wi-Fi and boost downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. With the app, you can download video, music as well as any files from the internet. You can resume interrupted downloads, and also download files larger than 2 gigabyte. ADM Pro works simply by parallel downloading files in queue.

It is light material designed, and comes with left menu with quick options. The app also comes with a Built-in ADM Browser. The browser support multiple tabs, and comes with advanced media downloader. You can control the download by simply pressing on the download to start/stop the process, press on the completed download to open the file and also long press on download to display the context menu.

Where To Download Advanced Download Manager Pro For Android

Advanced Download Manager is available on Google PlayStore and you can get it from HERE. For the Advanced Download Manager Pro, you can click on the link HERE to download the app on your Android smartphone.


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