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Huawei’s Harmony OS, Things You Need To Know

Huawei Harmony OS

Huawei has finally unveiled its own operating system and the company is calling it Harmony OS. It is coming after being hit hard by the US-China trade war. The company was placed on a US trade blacklist that barred them from doing business with American firms. Huawei is introducing the operating system, after it was suspended from using Google’s Android OS. The company unveiled the new OS at the Huawei Developer Conference held in the city of Dongguan, China.

A Brief History

Also known as the HongmengOS or Ark OS, Harmony OS, according to claims, is faster than Android OS. It has been in development seen since 2012 was earlier made for smart displays, wearables and smart speakers. After the company was expelled from using the Android OS, the Harmany OS was later designed to support multiple platforms. The OS, according to some expert, is a direct threat to the popular and widely used Android operating system.

Harmony Os is coming as an open-source operating system. This is to give the new operating system, the much needed exposure, if it needs to survive against Android or the iOS. The company announced it will “lay the foundations” for Harmony in China, and then “expand it further to the global ecosystem.”

About Huawei’s Harmony OS

Huawei Harmony OS is a micro-kernel based open-source modular operating system. It is completely different from the Android and iOS operating system. The OS will also support both Java and Android Apps. Earlier reports suggest the Harmony operating system is faster and safer than Android.

Device That Will Run On Huawei’s Harmony OS

Harmony OS was originally designed for Huawei’s smart watches, smart screens, smart speakers and other devices, including “in-vehicle systems. It has now been tailored to power smartphones too. Speaking during the launch, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group said that Huawei can start using Harmony in smartphones “at any time. Although the company still gives “priority” to Android right now, it will be making a switch when the need arises.

According to him,

We will switch to [the] Harmony system when we can’t use Android. it is “not that difficult” to migrate from Android to Huawei’s own system.

How Soon Are We Expecting A Harmony OS Device?

The OS has been in development for some time and now it has officially been launched. With this, we hope to see device running on the Harmony OS pretty soon. We should see the launch of a smartwatch, a TV system or a speaker in the coming days .


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