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5 Simple Tips To Improve Google Pixel 4 Battery Life

How To Increase Google Pixel 4 battery Life

Google launched the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL with some improved spec details. Both smartphones feature amazing camera specs, which the company smartphone division is best known for. Despite being an amazing device, the Pixel 4 also has its own weakness. One area of weakness shown by the device, is the battery.

Users of the smartphone have reported that the battery life of the Pixel 4 is nothing to write home about. It is said that a single charge, is not enough for the device to make it through a full day. For whatever this reason may be, we hope to see a fix from Google soon. While we await an update, I will like to share with you, 5 simple tips to help maximize the battery life of your Pixel 4.

Tips To Help Improve Google Pixel 4 Battery Life

Below are some of the tips to help you improve or increase the battery life of your Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

Battery Saver mode

Switch or turning on Battery Saver mode can help save more battery juice in your Pixel 4. As the name implies, this feature helps to save battery live by restricting apps from refreshing in the background of your phone. By default, this feature is set at 15%, but you can set it anywhere between 5% and 75%. When you do this, you can improve or extend the battery of your phone.

Turn On Adaptive Battery

This is a great feature and should be turned on if you want to save battery life on your Pixel 4. What it does, is to limits inactive apps from running in the background. To switch on this feature, go to Settings >> Battery >> Adaptive Battery and turn it on.

Disable Always-On Display

This feature can be turned off by going to Settings >> Display >> Lock screen Display and then turn off  Always on. When this feature is on, it uses battery life so it is advisable to turn it off. It will help turn off pending notifications that are always showing on your phone’s screen.

Remove (Uninstall) Unused Apps

It is important that you remove or uninstall apps that you are not using from your Pixel 4 smartphone to save battery life. Unused apps not only take space, but can also eat up your battery by constantly running in the background. Adaptive Battery features help in this area, but it is safer to just uninstall the apps.

Turn Off Motion Sense

Motion Sense uses up your battery, hence has negative impact on the battery life. You can save more battery juice by simply turning off this feature on your phone. Motion Sense works by recognizing hand gesture, and with this, you can easily wake up your phone or change songs. The constantly scanning and looking for motion in front of your phone drain battery life. So it is better to switch or turn this feature off.


These are some of the ways you can improve the Google Pixel 4 battery life. There are other ways like, Use Android 10’s Dark Theme, Changing Ambient Display settings and also Turning off Smooth Display.


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