Lenovo Thinkplus 50W 14000mAh Power Bank


Lenovo has launched its thinkplus 50W 14000mAh power bank in China. The device is capable of charging both laptops (via USB-C) and smartphones (via USB-A). The 14000mAh thinkplus power bank comes featuring a slightly faster-charging speed and a thinner form factor.

Thinkplus Power Bank

It is available in two colour variants which are black and bright red shades. It is compatible with USB PD2.0, QC 2.0/ 3.0 and comes with input and output overvoltage, high-temperature, and short circuit protection. The thinkplus 14000mAh power bank can simultaneously charge two smartphones (via USB-A) and a laptop (USB-C) at a maximum combined output of 50W.

The power bank comes in two versions with the regular Type-C version costing $43 and the one with Lenovo’s Slim Tip port coming with a price tag of $57.


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