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How To Disable System Apps In Xiaomi (MIUI) Devices Without Root

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Most smartphone makers pre-load their device with system apps that may or may not be useful to you. These apps in most cases, eat up memory space on your device. The most annoying part, is that you cannot delete or uninstall the apps with having to root your device. So the question is how to delete or disable these apps without having to root your new smartphone.

If you have this question in mind and looking for a way out, then this post is for you. Today I will show you how you can disable system apps on your Xiaomi (MIUI) devices without rooting the device. To do this, simply follow the guide and you can enjoy your device without unwanted apps.

How You Can Disable Apps on Xiaomi Devices Without Rooting

  • Start by downloading this app called Activity Launcher from Google Playstore.
  • Now install the app and launch it on your device
  • Search for ‘Manage Apps’ and choose the one with the settings icon, clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Installed apps on your phone.
  • Next is to select any Gapp like Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music or Gmail, you will get an option to ‘Disable’ the app.

NOTE: Aside been able to disable Google apps, you can use the app to disable some MIUI apps like Calendar and Contacts.

This is just a simple method you can use to disable apps on Xiaomi device. If you wish to uninstall the apps completely, we will be writing on that topic soon so stay tuned to this blog.


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