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Spain’s Ministry Of Defense Bans The Use Of Huawei Devices

Huawei Harmony OS

A report from Spains says it Ministry of Defense has issued a ban on all Huawei devices from accessing  its data servers. According to La Informacion, the ban also includes accessing of employee emails. Although no specific reasons were given for the ban, it is believed that it the ban became necessary to prevent Huawei devices from specifically accessing sensitive information.

While the ban is in place, Members of the Ministry of Defense are still allowed to use their personal Huawei devices, but they must use other devices to access data from the Ministry’s servers, including emails. Those still using Huawei devices to access the server must ‘immediately disconnect.

The motive behind the ban could be the US long accusation of Huawei’s involvement of espionage. The Trump lead administration has accused the Chinese company of stealing sensitive private information; an accusation Huawei has repeatedly denied. The company had even went as far as treating a lawsuit against the US government.

A Huawei spokesperson told La Informacion that although Huawei has done business with more than 170 countries that it operates in within the last 30 years, it has never had a cyber-security related incident. “[Security] is the highest priority for the company” – translated from Spanish.

The ban by the US Government on Huawei device may still be ongoing, the company has managed to maintain its number 2 position in smartphone shipments for Europe in Q3. Huawei has also managed to increase its smartphone sales, thanks to its growth in China.



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