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Huawei Expected To Ship 100 Million 5G Smartphones In 2020

Huawei Harmony OS

With China being the new home of the latest 5G network as well as the largest market, no doubt we are expecting to see a mass adoption of the new network. There are reports suggesting that Huawei alone is likely to ship up to 100 million 5G smartphones in its home market.

According to Shoichi Tosaka who serves as CEO of Japanese smart capacitor manufacturer Taiyo Yuden Co revealed that his company received its yearly 5G base station orders and expects orders for 5G smartphone components in the coming weeks as well.

Over the years, Huawei and ZTE have come the two leading clients for 5G capacitors. With the growth, witness by Huawei, the company alone will reach 100 million 5G smartphone shipments in the coming year. The company has been expanding its 5G smartphone portfolio lately and is expected to offer more affordable devices with 5G connectivity in a bid to attract more buyers. Only time will tell if the 100 million figure is reachable.

Taiyo Yuden is one of the largest capacitor manufacturers globally, so it’s quite clear that it has very good data to base its predictions on.


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