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Huawei Smartphones To Run On HarmonyOS By Early 2020


Huawei Chairman Wang Chenglu has announced that some of its smartphones line will be running on its own HarmonyOS by early 2020. The boss made this revelation during a press conference but didn’t start which line will be getting the new operating system. The company has made it clear that the new OS not coming to replace Android as Google’s system remains it first choice.

The company has earlier revealed that its smartwatch, smart speakers and VR devices will be the first to run on HarmonyOS. Currently, Huawei smartwatches run Lite OS and the company plans to extend this to other products. While the company plans to develop HarmonyOS into a fully-featured OS capable of powering smartphones, the company still prefers to stick with Android. Huawei still believe the currently problem it is facing will be resolve soon.

Google Mobile Services such as Gmail, Google Maps and Google Assistant are some of the reasons Huawei prefers to stick with Android. Replacing Google Android will be a difficult task as the like of Samsung Tizen OS can testify.

Wang Chenglu has said that the entire HarmonyOS platform will be fully open source from August next year. This will make it much easier to develop Apps and games for the new operating system.

While we await the first Huawei phone to feature the new OS, it is unlikely that the manufacturer will initially decide to roll it out on a flagship smartphones. Its plan will be to start from a smaller device before testing it out on a flagship device. What ever way Huawei chooses to go, the world is waiting to see how things play out for the Chinese company.

Source: GizChina


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