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OPay USSD Code (*955#) For Easy Transaction

OPay USSD Code

OPay has introduced a new USSD code to make transactions on its platform easier. The new code does not require internet connection and its easy and fast to use. The process works by just dialing a simple code from your mobile. Before now, all transactions on the OPay platform was done via its official app.

The platform allows users to withdrawals, buy airtime as well as make TV subscriptions via the app. All this can now be done using the newly introduces USSD code.

Use Of OPay USSD Code

  1. Send money: If you want to send money to another Opay Account or any local bank account.
  2. Buy airtime: if you want to buy airtime for yourself or on another number (any network)
  3. Deposit money: if you want to deposit money into your Opay account
  4. Change pin: if you want to change your transaction Pin
  5. Help: if you need help.

How to Use OPay USSD to carry out Your Transaction

To use the code on your phone, simply dial *955# and it will bring your registered OPay account number and balance.


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