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Huawei And TomTom Signs Deal For Maps & Services

Huawei Harmony OS

With the US ban still in effect, Huawei has been working on a lot of alternate to keep its market shares up. The company last year revealed that some of its smartphone line will run on its own Harmony OS as early as this year. It seems the company will be might be moving from Google Android soon as it has reportedly signed a deal with Tom Tom.

Tom Tom which is known for providing maps and navigation services on Friday, announced the deal via its spokesperson, Remco Meerstra. The deal will see Huawei integrating Tom Tom map service on its device. Huawei will be able to use the company’s maps, traffic information and navigation software to develop apps for its smartphones.

Tom Tom is Dutch navigation and digital mapping company. The deal is coming after the U.S. President blacklist the Chinese smartphone maker from doing business with US companies. The ban prevented Huawei from use Google Android core service like Gmail, Google Maps, and a host of other services.

It may seem that Huawei could achieve the 100 Million 5G smartphone shipment In 2020 after all. The Huawei/US saga keeps taking a turn and the Chinese company isn’t ready to give up just yet.


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