These 9 LG Phones Will Be Getting Android 10 This Year 2020

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After rolling out Android 10 the G8 ThinQ and Korean units of V50 ThinQ 5G, the company has announced that nine more devices will be getting the update. LG isn’t known for firmware updates, but the company is working to improve on that. It listed the name and time frame these devices will be getting the update.

These according to the company include the LG V40 ThinQ, international units of the V50 ThinQ, G8X ThinQ, G8S ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, K50S, K40S, K50 and Q60.

The international V50 units are first in line for the update in February, followed by the G8X in Q2. The G7, G8S and V40 are scheduled for Q3, 2020. The last handsets in line are the LG K50S, K40S, K50 and Q60 which are getting the big update in Q4 2020.

LG Android 10 update roadmap:

February, 2020

  • LG V50 ThinQ

Q2 2020

  • LG G8X

Q3 2020

  • LG G7, G8S and V40

Q4 2020

  • LG K50S, K40S, K50 and Q60

Android 10 comes with some great feature sure as Better notification controls, ability to undo app removal as well as Dark Mode feature.

Source: lgnewsroom


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