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Android 11 Features And All You Need To Know

Android 11 Features

Google has rolled out the Android 11 Developer Preview a lot of new features. The Android 10 successor is coming a few months earlier than the usual time. Just like the previous versions, the new OS is also focused on the security and privacy of the users. This is the core target of Google in recent years.

The Android 11 developer preview build carries several new APIs to improve the connectivity, and support for new technologies such as 5G and foldable displays are some primary features. A new conversations tab under notification area, Facebook like chat heads, improved permissions, Project Mainline will help the users to get easy accessibility.

The latest feature available on the new Android 11 include Dark Mode Scheduling, Chat Bubbles, Privacy and Permissions, New Conversation Tab, Supports New Technologies, Improved Sharing UI, Increase Touch Sensitivity and a lot more.

Features Of Android 11

The latest Android 11 comes with some amazing features and these are highlighted below;

Dark Mode Scheduling

This feature allows Android users to switch to dark mode automatically depending on the time. A very useful feature, if you ask me.

Chat Bubbles

This feature allows users to interact with multiple conversations intuitively enhancing the overall accessibility. It is more like a support for a Facebook messenger like chat heads.

Privacy and Permissions

Lately, Google has been making Privacy and Permissions a core part of the Android experience. With this latest feature, Google is putting us in control of what we are willing to share with our apps. Android 11 only allows an app to use a given permission once.

New Conversation Tab

Android 11 brings a dedicated conversation tab in the notifications panel to see the most recent messages. It also features an improved way to respond to messages from the notification panel. Moreover, the users will be able to send images directly from the notifications.

Supports New Technologies

The latest version support for 5G technology, Foldable devices, and machine learning. It also brings support for low-latency video decoding, better call screening, and Google’s neural network APIs.

Improved Sharing UI

With this feature, you can pin your favorite social networks to the top of the sharing menu.

Increase Touch Sensitivity

With this feature, users now have the option to increase Touch Sensitivity via the settings panel.

Airplane Mode doesn’t affect Bluetooth

If you are running Android 11 on your phone and you switch to Airplane Mode, this will no longer affect Bluetooth. The new version of OS will allow Bluetooth to remain connected with smart wearables or audio headsets.

Mute Notifications while using Camera

With Android 11 running, users will be able to mute any notifications while using the camera. This is a very useful feature while on a video call.

These are the main features Android 11 will be bring to new and upcoming smartphones. You can use the comment box to tell us what you think about the new OS.


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