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Xiaomi Updates Mi & Mint Browser With Option To Turn Off Data Collection In Incognito mode

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Just a few days ago, researchers at Forbes published a post claiming that Chinese tech giant Xiaomi was collecting personal data via its web browsers. After the report was released, the company came out with a statement denying the report. According the Xiaomi, it “strictly follows and is fully compliant with local laws and regulations on user data privacy matters.

Now the Chinese tech giant has rolled out an update with the option that allow users to turn on/off aggregated data collection in incognito mode. The world’s 4th smartphone maker has two browsers, namely Mi Browser Pro and Mint Browser with over 15 million downloads on the Play Store. The update comes just days after the publication was made and after users of the device dragged the company via social media.

The Forbes post revealed some shocking details about the privacy of those using the two Xiaomi browsers. Gabi Cirlig a Redmi Note 8 user, told Forbes that he noticed that his personal data was being sent to remote servers hosted in China via his device. Cirlig said he was able to find out because the data copied were poorly encrypted using the base64 format, so it was very easy for him to transcribe it, into plain text.

The company has started rolling out the update to all three products, which include the preloaded Mi Browser, Mi Browser Pro and Mint Browser. If you own a Xiaomi smartphone or use the Mi Browser/Mint Browser, it will be wise to update the app and then turn off aggregated data collection option while in incognito mode. Do note that the browser will still continue to collect aggregated usage behavior in regular browsing mode.

You can download the updated version of the Mi Browser Pro from the Play Store Here and Mint Browser from Here.


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