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Facebook Messenger Introduces App Lock & New Privacy Settings


Facebook has once again rolled out new features to its Messenger app. This was announced and shared on the platform official blog site. The new update brings App lock and new privacy settings to the app. App lock has been on WhatsApp for some time now and Facebook has decided to introduce it to its Messenger app. With the new update, users can now find all the privacy focused settings like Muted Stories, Blocked people, and more, in one central location.

App lock, has worked well on Whatsapp, providing and extra layer of security for users of the platform. This helps to prevent others from opening the Messenger app, and allowing the app to be opened by the device’s privacy settings like fingerprint or face authentication.

Facebook has consolidated all the privacy settings in the app under one menu, called Privacy settings. In this menu, users can find various settings like controls over the audience for stories, muted stories and blocked people and App lock. Facebook has rolled out App lock feture for Messenger is available on iPhone and iPad but will be doing so for Android device in the next few months.

The company is working on introducing more controls over who can message/call you, and they are also testing a feature that blurs images in the message requests folder, so that users are given a choice of whether they want to see an image sent from an unknown user before reporting or blocking them.



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