Home News COVID-19: Portronics Launches CleanEx Portable UV Sterilizer

COVID-19: Portronics Launches CleanEx Portable UV Sterilizer

Portronics CleanEx UV Sterilizer

With the COVID-19 issue still very much around, many companies have been working on ways to fight the pandemic. Companies have being developing products for cleaning and sanitizing in a bid to help fight the virus. One of such products, is the CleanEx and CleanEx 101 developed by Portronics.

The CleanEx and CleanEx 101 are a portable UV sterilizing device designed for users to sterilize surfaces of products such as keyboards, phones, tableware, glasses, kitchen utensils and face masks. This can be done by a a simple wave over the affected surface of any product.

According to the company, the device uses UV-C Technology to disinfect any surface in less than 5 minutes. It is capable of eliminating up to 99% of bacteria, as well as fungi from any surface. The device is not only portable, but also user friendly. It comes with a single On/Off switch, making it easy to operate.

The CleanEx comes equipped with in-built, rechargeable batteries, and is also directly chargeable with a USB Cable, while the CleanEx 101 is direct-power enabled or powered via 4 AAA batteries. CleanEX 101 also features a Gravity-Sensor that will protect your eyes by automatically shut off once the sanitizer stick has turned over.



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