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Everything You Must Know about PBN Hosting with Different Classes of Unique Multiple IP Addresses

SeekaHost PBN hosting

Private Blog Network (PBN) is still used by thousands of people in the SEO community, as it makes it easy to rank a money site and serves as a lucrative way to earn money online.

But what does it take to build a successful private blog network? Search engines like Google do not like to see several domains owned by an individual to build links to a money site or hosted in the same neighborhood. That is exactly what we want to show you; how to build a PBN that evades search engine tracks and footprints, using multiple IP class addresses.

SeekaHost PBN Hosting uses unique Multiple IP addresses for hosting your private blog network so that it looks like each blog is owned by a unique person.

PBN Hosting is a highly technical aspect of hosting as it tends to cover the tracks of private blogs from Google Algorithms to give the PBN a boost. PBN is primarily for hyperlinking from each site to a single main domain, which is the money pages with product and services.

What Are the Different Classes of Unique Multiple IP Addresses used in PBN Hosting?

Generally, the different class IPs are allocated according to the different needs of the website. For instance, if the domain doesn’t need to contain footprints and also to be ranked higher in search engines, Unique C class IPs are the best options.

While most PBN and SEO hosting services use unique multiple C class IPs, there are still other classes of IPs, namely: Class A, Class B and Class D & E, all serving different website needs.

Ideally, Class A IPs are used for large organizations such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. There is a huge benefit in this type of IP in that you can host several numbers of devices on the IP address. And these classes of IPs are generally used by Internet Service Providers (ISP), and so, Class A is not for bloggers.

On the other hand, Class B IPs are not mostly used by business websites, as these kinds of IPs are for medium-sized organizations and networks. The main advantage of class B IP is that you can also host many devices, but with little less than the class A IPs. Class B IPs are not certainly recommended for hosting websites and also many bloggers are not using these IPs.

Lastly, Class D & E IPs are used by far fewer websites, and the D-class IPs are not widely used by the bloggers, as they are used only on special occasions. Whereas the class E IPs are reserved for use by websites for private research, scientific studies, etc. And these two classes of IPs are not used by the public sector, but for private sectors alone. Also, the class E IPs are not available for hosting the websites.

Why is Class C IPs Best for PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting

Again, most of the PBN and SEO hosting services use C Class IPs more, because of the various benefits. The advantages of using C Class IPs include that it helps to boost the SEO of your websites, improves ranking in search results, increases traffic to the websites and it’s generally used for blogs and business websites.

While Class C IP is from the range to and it is assigned to small and medium enterprises. However,  it requires hosting with a reputed C Block (that’s not inhabited by porn sites), and if you use multiple domains, then unique multiple Class C IP hosting (must be multiple C Block hosting) is what you need. At SeekaHost you are guaranteed multiple unique Class C IP hosting packages which makes it the best and the most affordable Private Blog Network hosting service in the market.

And the dedicated portal, SeeHost.app provides you with Multiple Class C IPs for all your private blog hosting needs and the service has been tested for over 5 years before finally opened to the market. You can sign up for a free test of the autopilot blog hosting with 1 click options and have your blog up and running in less than 60 seconds.

What factors determine the best PBN Hosting Service?


SeekaHost PBN hosting services is the best because it was tested and set up by an SEO expert, who happens to be the founder, Fernando Raymond, with a specific focus on delivering the best SEO results.

SeekaHost is the world’s leading provider of PBN Hosting and thousands of people have been using the Class C multiple IP hosting services for their PBN SEO requirements.

As the best private blog hosting provider, SeekaHost allows a free 7 days trial to test the service. You’ll also get free access to technical support, and you can even host your domains using the best PBN host in the market and test drive how it works.



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