Home News Blackview BV6600 Coming With 3-5 Days Battery Life

Blackview BV6600 Coming With 3-5 Days Battery Life

Blackview BV6600

Blackview is well known for producing rugged smartphones at an affordable rate. While other phone manufacturers go for sleek and sexy design, the company has managed to maintain its rugged tradition.

According to a recently shared video, the Chinese tech giant will be unveiling a new smartphone, which will feature a massive battery capacity. The phone which is known as Blackview BV6600, the device will offer users between 3-5 days of battery life.

A normal smartphone, has a chance of lasting for about 24 hours on a normal usage. Blackview is breaking that limit with the introduction of the BV6600. The idea behind the new smartphone, is safe users the stress of going about with their charger. With just a single charge, the smartphone battery can last between 3-5 days even on a heavy usage.

From the video, Blackview BV6600 will be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The battery’s durability, makes the watching of videos, play games and browse social media at the same time a memorable experience.

Not much detail where reveal about the specs, but it is expected to come with a huge 8580mAh battery capacity. It will also function as a power bank since it has reverse charging function. The phone will support 4G, WiFi and it is IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G certified.

More details about the Blackview BV6600 will be made known during the official launching. For now, you can find more about the smartphone from the company’s website HERE.




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