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Glo Mobile is a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria. Founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga, the company has grown to become the 2nd major mobile network company in Nigeria. The company is famously known as the grand master of data in the country. This is due to provision of cheap internet data plans with longer validity periods. This has been the major secret of the company.

This section takes a look at the various Glo data plans, data bundles, validity periods as well as prices. The section will also look at that the company’s 4G data plans, tariff prices and plans as well as promo offers. So if you need to get the latest update on Glo mobile, then Gizmolad is the place.

How To Become Glo Mobile Money Agent In Nigeria

Glo recently launched an affiliate program called the Glo Mobile Money Agent. The program allows, participates to earn up to N50,000 or more using their smartphone and Glo SIM card. Glo Mobile Money is a service introduced by the…

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