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Internal Linking Plugins

Reasons To Stop Using WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

According to many SEO expert, internal linking plays a very important rule in ranking of your website on search engine. They also help to...
Google Blog Compass App

Google Blog Compass App: All You Need To Know

Google has launched a new app for Indian bloggers to help them track both WordPress and Blogger.com site stats. Known as "Blog Compass", the app...
How To Easily Downgrade Wordpress

How You Revert Your Current WordPress Version To A Previous Version

Recently WordPress 5.0 was introduced coming with the new block feature. According to WordPress, the latest version is designed to make the platform more...
Squoosh App

Google Introduces Squoosh App To Optimize Images

Good news for publishers as Google introduced a new service to help optimize images. The new web tool called Squoosh App, allows you to downsize,...

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